GD Goenka School
Sector-9, Rohini

Recent Happenings

Investiture Ceremony

G.D. Goenka Public School, Sector 9, Rohini, organized ‘The Investiture Ceremony 2018-19’ on Friday, 20 July 2018 in the school.
The much-awaited cherished ceremony was graced by the presence of the Chief Guest Mr. Kuldeep Singh, Deputy Commissioner, MCD Guest of honour, Mr. Jameel Ahmed, Deputy Commandant, CISF and Mr. Gopal Parashar, International Jiu Jitsu player. The parents of the newly appointed Student Council members were also present on this occasion.
The school principal, Dr. Shipra Kumar, warmly welcomed the dignitaries with a momento and tender saplings. The day’s events started with an invocation to the Lord Almighty and the ceremonial lighting of the lamp.
In all sobriety, the newly elected Student Council members were adorned with their respective badges of duty. The School Principal administered the oath of office. Keeping alive the spirit of women empowerment, this academic session 2018-19 has two head Girls, who will impressively and confidently uphold the school banner.
The Chief Guest, Mr. Kuldeep Singh, in his inspiring speech, highlighted the importance of duty and determination and the will to succeed in a student’s life. A musical symphony based on Raag Malhaar and the chanting of Hanuman Chalisa captivated the attention of the audience. An enthralling dance fusion of various dance forms by the young Goenkans mesmerized everyone present on this occasion. The memorable day concluded with the lyrics of the National Anthem resonating in the air.


Induction Ceremony

The Induction Ceremony of the Interact Club for the session 2018-19 was conducted on Friday July 13 2018 in the school Multi-Purpose Hall. The solemn occasion was graced by the honored guests from the Rotary Club Uptown, Ashok Vihar. The esteemed guests were accorded a warm welcome by the School Principal, Dr. Shipra Kumar.

The Ceremony began with the lighting of the traditional lamp by the School Principal, the Senior Co-ordinator and the Rotarians from the Uptown Ashok Vihar. Thereafter, the musical rendition to invoke the Lord’s blessings by the school choir resonated the Hall. Furthermore, the Service to Society activities conducted by the Interact club during the academic session 2017-18 were highly appreciated by the Rotarians.
It was indeed a momentous occasion for the council members to receive their badges of honor.

In his speech, Mr. V.K. Bansal, President, Rotary Club aptly remarked reiterated the hard work and sincere efforts of the club. The School Principal congratulated the newly inducted members of the Interact Club who beamed with excitement to embark upon a new chapter of their school life.



The word 'Panchatatva' originates from Sanskrit, where "panch" stands for five and "tatva" indicates elements. Following the universal law of life, everything on this planet is composed of five basic elements or the "panchamahabhutas". These are: Akash (Sky or Space), Vayu (Air), Jal (Water), Agni (Fire) and Prithvi (Earth)
GD Goenka Public School, Rohini organized an open house exhibition for the parents, where students were given an opportunity to present their avant-garde projects, highlighting the brilliance of five elements and appreciating their presence in our lives. The event was well appreciated and enjoyed by the parents. In her address, the Principal, Dr. Shipra Kumar, dwelled on the importance of the five elements and the need to maintain a balance between them, as an essential step to preserve life. The event was organized under the commendable team efforts of students and the teachers. Through this exposition, the students not only enhanced their knowledge and skills, but they were also sensitized towards the diverse aspects of nature.


Presentation Skill Workshop

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”
-Michael Altshuler

G.D. Goenka Sector-9, Rohini cannot stress enough on the importance of time and stress management. In modern, face-paced, world children are often seen stressing over lack of time. To cater to the need of the hour an interactive session on Time and Stress Management was conducted at G. D. Goenka Sector-9, Rohini for Classes X-XII on 26th July, 2018. The resource person, Ms. Poonam Poddar catered to the problems of students and emphasised on importance of planning, prioritising, and healthy balanced diet in managing time and stress. With the increasing hum-drum of life students struggle to maintain pace with increasing scholastic and co-scholastic activities. The workshop helped them to plan and organize their thoughts for smooth allocation of time and thus managing stress.


Madhubani Painting Workshop

“Art is as natural as sunshine and as vital as nourishment.”
-Mary Ann F. Kohl

G. D. Goenka Sector-9, Rohini believes in connecting to the roots of our country by learning different regional art forms of India. On 11th July, 2018 the school organised Madhubani Painting workshop for classes IV-V. Mrs. Sadhna, from Hindustan Times, enlightened the students with the nitty gritty of this traditional art form of Bihar. The students tried their hands to create colourful Madhubani patterns with much enthusiasm.


NGO Visit

“Giving is not just about making donations, it’s about making difference.”
The Interact Club members of G.D. Goenka Sector- 9, Rohini visited the Robin Raina Foundation, Bawana on 7th July 2018. The student members of Interact Club enthusiastically conducted theatre games, science experiments, sing-alongs, and language games for the children at the NGO. The children were ecstatic to be a part of these activities and the volunteers couldn’t have been happier. Our volunteers didn’t shy away from expressing their realization of importance of ‘joy of giving’ because we, at G.D. Goenka Sector-9, Rohini, believe in creating socially aware citizens.


Special Assembly on Mahabharata

Mahabharata is the most important Sanskrit epic of ancient India. A special morning assembly was organized by the students of Radhakrishnan House on 6th July 2018 to highlight the relevance of Mahabharat in contemporary times. The assembly was a beautiful attempt to incorporate the teachings of “The Gita” into our daily lives.


Behtar India

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself to the service of others”
G D Goenka Public School, Sector-9, Rohini, firmly believes that social responsibility and community service must be a part of the school programme in order to sensitize the students towards the welfare of the country and its people. After a successful year of being an active part of Behtar Indian, have yet again picked up our sleeves to make India BEHTAR. Keeping in mind 2018’s Moto- ‘Recycle Kiya Kya?’, on 6th July 2018, the Goenkans in collaboration with Republic T.V. Behtar India pledged to work together with full enthusiasm to create awareness about clean India.


Rocksport Camp

“Never, ever underestimate the power of having fun.”
-Randy Pausch
GD Goenka Public School, Sector-9, Rohini, organized an adventure camp, from 28th May 2018 to 1st June 2018, with Rocksport at Mashobra. The Goenkans on their quest for adventure learnt to work and live together, and cook food too. Fun filled activities like trekking and mountain climbing along with some leisure time around the bon-fire was a perfect way to rejuvenate and rewind in the lap of nature.



“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.”
Edward Teller
In order to inculcate scientific temperament amongst our students, G D Goenka Public School, Sector-9, Rohini undertakes various activities to promote the use of science and technology. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education is the latest project that we have become a part of. At “MakershalaTm”, the robotics lab, the students give wings to their imagination.


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