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India -A Country having different culture and Language. The country is Spread from Jammu Kashmir to Kanyakumari & India - main official Language is Hindi and English. Many Social Activist is Working for declaring Hindi as a Nation Language. But This is Subject to a discussion in Upper & Lower houses of parliament and need to create some new law in Constitution for this. India Is Mainly known as Bharat inside the country, In early age, there is a king named as Bharat. and Then Country name behind him as Bharat Verse.

Culture and diversity of India

The country has a good climate and the wealthy in culture mean India has a lot of cultures according to area and distance. People from different states wear different clothes and ladies have different types of ornaments and other good or excellent things to wear.for good looking faces they people from different states leave in metro cities.discuss and share the social and political situations. Women discuss their Local culture and dressing senses.

The country is doing well in Sports, Education, Science, and Technology. People of India are cool and calm till they are disturbed by the same one. The country has 29 States & 8 Union Territory. Every state has its identity in different activities and plays a vital role in in-country is development. This development may be in social, political, economical.

The country is surrounded by Himalaya & in North and south is touchpad by sea. The country is sometimes internally separated in the bais of geographical areas like North India, South India,& Easter States of India, the country is divided on the basis of religion and language. India is a secular state. People have good housing and commuting facility in urban estates. India mainly 80:20 situated rural and urban area. The North States of India namely Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Delhi & Western UP. have good position is sports.

The Country is good in Education, and nowadays they are playing a good role in the development of human society. People in India are working in different professions but yet their rural population main profession is agriculture and cattle farming.

The country has some developing states also which are doing good in agriculture and simultaneously they are doing side business to improve their social status and economical conditions. Today each and every person in India is aware of their rights and responsibility. One main as major awareness is about the education of children. All societies of India whether the urban or rural is serious about the studies Govt.of India is also doing well in education.

The Country has different levels of education. Like primary or elementary education, Secondary education, and then higher studies also have a variety of graduate, postgraduate programs. The varieties of India are doing good in research and provide scholarship for students who are doing extraordinary from economical weaker sections.Govt.of India is facilitating to every child for elementary education. Govt. assisting students by offering different schemes and different channels. Here we mean to say that even providing mid-day meals to same specific sections apart from this they are totally sported by books, stationery, and bags.etc. They mean govt. tries best to execute the education schemes and drive positive results.

Economic Development and Agriculture in India

The country is developing new techniques for agriculture and cattle farming. Govts.develop much research centers throughout the country and doing every positive task to facilitate the scientist and research scholars, as early in my blog I discuss the Northen states are doing well in sports,similarly, they are doing good in farming. A state named as focuses on a specific Brcocd of buffalo named Murah some things provided by research organization like. a Haryana said some international plays like Jogeshwar Dutt, Vijender the boxers are the produce by the milk of Murrah. These researches organizations are launching different projects from time to time to increase production yield and excellent breed.govt.facilitate scientists to receive overseas postdoctoral fellowships. The scientist directors and administrative staff have good framing with the village mean farmer and provide knowledge to them regarding the feeds and other caring .instructions.This new generation is well educated and aware of the career options. The first preference of youngster is govt,job.and students try their best for govt. job They are doing coachings self-studies. and follow the online blog and youtube videoes for fighting a competitive exam. India is ready awesome, it's unique in the world.this has powerful skills of bounce back. every society in early days try to conquer India and some of them are successful in doing so. But still, India overcomes all there challenges and establish himself as an independent country and now its called as the Republic of India.

The country vast area of the desert named as discuss the country geographically position is very nice Himalayas, Arrival, Hills, Seas, Rivers. The Rivers of India are workshop-like God People of India are innocent and dedicated. Their dedications their faith in God is really unmatched. They are the only people of society in the world who can see God & Godesses in stone. The Spirituality of Indians really on top if we ignore some exception. Who tries to misuse the religion, we find that. God really exists in Bharat.

India's relationship with its neighbouring countries

The country is affected by some neighbor countries. but we have the capability to handle every situation. The best example of this is shown to the world in Doklam Balakot & Pakistan. Now, this (BJP) Govt.means Narendra Modi doing well for the country. If we are discussing the politically they are good diplomats. Indian Govt. have good foreign policies and good relation with developed countries like the USA and Russia. The P.M. Narendra Bhai Damodardas is one of the Unique pieces of God. He is a Good diplomate and his diplomatic policies and effect Pakistan badly. He is really a good leader. The actual meaning of a Leader is to lead and motivate the public positively. He has done this by launching different campaigns like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan mean Clean India, left subsidy of Cylinders for economical strong citizens for a weaker section named as Ujjwala Yojana. The P.M. is supported by Home Minister Amit Shah. He is really the leader and He is History Creator. People of India and other countries like Narender Modi by Heart He is really fantastic and brave.

The country in his Prime Minister is really developing and improves the rank on the International Scale. India is going to improve the skills of persons who are working in the field of ITI, and other Technologies. India is one of the biggest market or consumer of electronics items Nowadays we are typing to develop skills in manufacturing .under the program makes in India. India is good in education so we have no more challenges in manufacturing. The Youngster is launching many startups and doing good in the market.

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Schools in Delhi are associated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) or the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) or the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS). The Indian capital has an education rate of 86.3%. As indicated by 2001 figures, Delhi has in excess of 2,400 primaries, 715 middle and 1,570 secondary schools.

Delhi School Education Advisory Board (DSEAB) has taken some clear decisions, as reported on 19th Dec'12, trailed by the high court administering on the upper age limit for admissions. For admission into nursery schools, the minimum age must be of 3 years by or before March 30 of the scholastic year in which admission is looked for. Furthermore, according to the ongoing Delhi high court ruling, there is currently no upper age limit for nursery admissions.

Our Mission & Vision

An exceptionally designed Learning Enhancement Program enhances the educational program through a plenty of exercises. To assist students with building up a solid core of qualities, all students attempt community service. This encourages students to comprehend and interface better with the complex world around them. Notwithstanding scholarly greatness, the school helps every student in discovering their dormant abilities. G. D. Goenka, Sector-9, Rohini, Delhi has been evaluated as one of the best 10 schools in Delhi.

Some significant features that we make unique from others:

  • High quality international education
  • World prestigious globally certify educational curriculum
  • All round development through Learning Enhancement Programme
  • Explores multilingualism and inter-cultural comprehension
  • Designed to draw connections and explore interrelatedness of every branch of knowledge
  • Both outdoor and indoor activities are promoted
  • Conducts field trips and urges students to think independently with workshops and labs.
Campus Facilities
  • The campus has computer labs, well-stocked libraries, a compelling artwork studio and tech-integrated classrooms.
  • The school has a semi-Olympic-sized swimming pool, after-school sports and significantly more.
  • There is a well-equipped infirmary and a full-time doctor.
  • A huge library to support the students’ academics.
  • An auditorium and hi-tech classrooms and basic amenities.
Fee Structure

Our School policy is very clear about the fees structure and we must provide assurance regarding the fee structure while taking an admission a student.


Every parent wants to send their child to a big school that is why there is always a mad rush for admissions in our school, in light of the fact that our school has been evaluated as one of the best 10 schools in Delhi.

Primary to Higher Education

A child admitted to nursery is not the main obstacle, as getting them admitted to senior classes is considerably increasingly difficult. So, our school has classes till standard 12.

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At GD Goenka School Rohini (Affiliated by CBSE Secondary) Rohini, Sec- 9, we believe education is a preparation for life. We provide education in its finest form. GD Goenka Rohini has blossomed as a premier educational institution in North Delhi. If you are looking best north Delhi school, G D Goenka is the renowned north Delhi school located in Rohini Sec - 9. Our school programs have been designed to encourage intellectual growth. We build an environment that maximizes the learning experience and inculcates values and ethics leading to holistic development of a child. School in Very good area lavish green, school prides itself on having an outstanding infrastructure, an exclusive play way area for toddlers, a versatile playfield and well-created classrooms.

Our Speciality:
  • The campus has computer labs, well-stocked libraries, a compelling artwork studio and tech-integrated classrooms.
  • The school has a semi-Olympic-sized swimming pool, after-school sports and significantly more.
  • There is a well-equipped infirmary and a full-time doctor.
  • A huge library to support the students’ academics.
  • An auditorium and hi-tech classrooms and basic amenities.
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