Personality development and communication skills workshop was organised on 21st January, 22′.
Communication, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration are key 21st Century learner skills. G.D. Goenka Rohini Sector 9 believes that these skills can be learned. It is not a talent but an acquired skill to be an effective communicator, who can connect and reach out to their audience. An informative online workshop on improving communication skills and personality development was organized by Oxford University press. The resource person stressed upon the 3V’s of Communication which Visual, Verbal and Vocal and engaged the students in activities based on L,S,R,W (Learning, speaking, reading and writing).

Despite challenges we all have seen accelerated penetration of technology and diverse, unconventional and innovative teaching methodologies finding ways to fit-in the ever-changing. This workshop was designed in a way to make such skills easy to achieve and attainable goals for anyone, with the help of certain engaging activities, discussions, question round and expression regarding several topics of concern. The activities undertaken aimed to equip the students with Communication Skills that are key to individual and group achievement in education and the workplace. Such kind of exposure prepares students for everyday challenges and them utilize their potential without worrying about confidence issues and self-esteem. Effective Communication skills are an indicator of good leadership abilities, strong interpersonal skills, and problem-solving abilities. These are real-world competencies that any professional looks for. The workshop made it immersive and interactive using drama-based methods of delivery. The school is proud for taking an initiative to improve students’ learning curves and to upskill the students.


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