“Two plus two is not sometimes equal to four! It is equal to four plus one, for one is a powerful amalgamation.”  

                                                         ― Enock Maregesi


We at G.D. Goenka Public School, Sector-9, Rohini believe that learning can only take place when the learners are provided with an environment beyond books where they can experiment, experience and conclude. During the event, all the learners of grades III-V were provided with educative, learning environment wherein they were able to connect theories and knowledge learnt in the classroom to real-world situations. 

This event was a perfect example of amalgamation of various subjects like: English, Hindi, Mathematics, Art, Music, Theatre, Science, etc. Children recited poems, performed role plays, presented various models and games and the list goes on.

This event which was organised on 25th June, encouraged the learners to think critically and helped them in developing an attitude of research mindedness. It fostered experiential learning amongst the learners. Our young Goenkans participated in the event enthusiastically and had an enriching learning experience.

They presented themselves creatively and enjoyed a lot while watching the live performances of their classmates.All the participants were given participation certificates as well.

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