CHRISTMAS DAY is celebrated on 25 December every year to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, who Christians believe is the Son of God. There are lots of interpretations regarding the name of Christmas and why it is celebrated. One of them is, Eucharist or Communion is a Mass service where Jesus died for his people and then came back to life. Therefore, the ‘Christ-Mass’ is the service that took place after dusk and before dawn on the next day and so the trend of Midnight started. And this way we got the name Christ-Mas that is Christmas. Under the Julian calendar, the winter solstice was fixed on December 25 and this date was also the day of the popular Roman holiday of Saturnalia, in honour of Saturn, the god of agriculture, which was later superseded by Sol Invictus, a day that bundled up the celebration of several sun based gods into one.

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