A ‘Citadel of Learning’, our school aims to develop the minds and foster the ability of taking initiative in the students. The school believes that education provides a comprehensive value base for students to develop inquisitiveness and acquire a broader view where the children can be confident to aim for the highest and tap their potential to their highest abilities. Assessment focuses on students through knowledge and complex reasoning processes, not mere cramming of facts. G.D. Goenka Rohini Sector -9 in the pursuit of commendable board results, aims for higher accomplishments. With determined efforts and focus on holistic education, rigorous revision excellent board results, will eventually follow. Students are encouraged to invest their time in gaining knowledge and endeavour through constructive channels. The competent staff with diligent students and amenable planning helps achieve all- round development of the students and the institution as a temple of learning.


The education at Foundational years aims at inculcating  the qualities of curiosity, exploration and discovery in a fun-filled, safe and congenial learning ambience to meet the needs of the students The importance is laid on personal, social and emotional development, learning of language and be able to communicate. Imbibing moral values and developing confidence in oneself are also given emphasis along with developing understanding of the world around us. Thematic curriculum, enhanced learning with updated classroom methodologies are created in such a way that it supports child development, creating a match between the child’s natural interests and the available activities.

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