“On this joyous occasion, Waheguru accepts your good deeds and rewards your actions by filling your life with all the bounties of nature.”
Baisakhi marks the first day of the month of Vaisakh and is traditionally celebrated annually on 13 April and sometimes 14 April. It is seen as a celebration of spring harvest primarily in Northern India. For Sikhs, in addition to its significance as the harvest festival, during which Sikhs hold kirtans, visit local Gurdwaras, community fairs, hold nagar kirtan processions, raise the Nishan Sahib flag, and gather to socialize and share festive~ foods, Baisakhi observes major events in the history of Sikhism. The festival marks the birth of the Khalsa order by Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of Sikhism. The festival is an occasion to ritually bathe in sacred rivers such as Ganges, Jhelum, and Kaveri, visit temples, meet friends, take part in other festivities, and perform a mandatory charity especially of hand fans, water pitchers and seasonal fruits. GD Goenka Public School, Rohini, Sector 9, wishes for prosperity and good luck on this holy day.

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