Shine like sparkles, glow like candles and burn all the negativity like crackers.
Diwali is a festival of lights and is one of the major festivals celebrated in India. The festival usually lasts five days and is celebrated during the Hindu lunisolar month Kartika. Diwali symbolizes the spiritual “victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance”. In northern India, they celebrate the story of King Rama’s return to Ayodhya after he defeated Ravana by lighting rows of clay lamps and create design patterns called rangoli. Families gather together for Lakshmi puja, a prayer to Goddess Lakshmi, followed by mouth-watering feasts and firework festivities. GD Goenka Public School, Rohini, Sector 9, wishes prosperity and happiness on this day. The celebration of Diwali is a time to reflect on and evaluate our thoughts, words, and actions over the past year. It is a time to discover how we can be more loving, kind, respectful, and skillful towards ourselves and others. We pray for well-being and good health of all.


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