HOLI is the most vibrant of all festivals. It marks the end of winter in India and welcomes the spring season. On this day, people play with colours, meet and greet one another and celebrate new beginnings. Colors that tease the skies on Holi include blue- the color of the revered god in Hinduism, Lord Krishna. Green- symbolizes new beginnings, harvest and fertility and is also the sacred color of the Muslim community in India. Saffron- often associated with Hinduism, piety and strength. Holi is celebrated until the day of Rangpanchmi as a huge festival, in memory of the devotional love of Krishna and Radha. The first day of the festival is celebrated as Holika Dahan or Chhoti Holi. The second day of Holi is called Rangwali Holi, Dhulandi, Phagwah or Badi Holi. This is the day when people apply colours to one another, dance and enjoy.

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