“A new beginning, a new destination, with happiness or sorrow, with pain or pleasure.”
Makar Sankranti also referred to as Uttarayana or simply Sankranti, is a Hindu observance and a festival, usually falling on the date of January 15 annually. This occasion marks the transition of the Sun from the zodiac of Sagittarius to Capricorn. Since the Sun is regarded to have moved from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere on this day in the Hindu calendar, the festival is dedicated to the solar deity, and is observed to mark a new beginning. Makar Sankranti is observed with social festivities such as colourful decorations, rural children going house to house, singing and asking for treats in some areas, melas, dances, kite flying, bonfires and feasts. Every twelve years, the Hindus observe Makar Sankranti with Kumbha Mela – one of the world’s largest mass pilgrimage. Makara Sankranti is regarded as important for spiritual practices and accordingly, people take a holy dip in rivers, especially Ganga. GD Goenka Public School, Rohini, Sector 9, wishes all on this auspicious day.

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