G.D. Goenka Sector-9 boasts of a lush green campus with an open field for games and sports, horse riding, cricket, football, synthetic basketball court and tennis court. The school also has a huge skating rink for skating enthusiasts.

G.D. Goenka Sector -9 is a future ready Progressive School. All the class rooms are EduComp smart classes. The teachers use a variety of techniques and efficient use of ICT to address the 21st Century learners. The methodology used at our school is an eclectic blend of different progressive as well as successful and effective traditional methods. Equal emphasis is given to activity based learning, as well as use of ICT tools.

The school building is a beautiful, modern,  fully air-conditioned structure with state-of-the-art facilities. Security and safety of every child is our priority and no stone is left unturned to provide a secure and safe environment for our kids.


The school has fully equipped and functional laboratories as per CBSE specifications. The school has Physics lab, Chemistry lab, Biology lab, Jr. Computer Lab, Sr. Computer Lab, and Psychology Room.

science lab-min
Library (1)-min


The school has a well stocked Junior as well as Senior library separately. The libraries have books for students of Pre-school to Class XII. Apart from this our school also has the concept of class Library from classes Pre-school to III. The students are encouraged to read and Story time period is a part of their time table apart from Library visits.


To encourage a healthy and safe playing environment, our school stands equipped in providing well stocked playground.  We have ‘ Sports for All’ and deliver outstanding coaching on the sports front. The playground consists cricket training area, basketball court, tennis and volleyball court and swings for the junior children.

school playground1-min
Astronomy lab1 (1) (1)-min

Astronomy Laboratory

Astronomy provides an escape to the kids into the world of space, for which we ensure that hands on experiences are provided to the kids, For this we have a well furnished astronomy laboratory where kids could gain an insight into the space world.


Our Multipurpose Hall is a spacious multifunctional arena that houses a variety of innovative games, theatre practice, a plethora of indoor activities, student teacher workshops, meetings, seminars and provides a flexible seating arrangement.

play room-min


Our playroom is well equipped with all the stuffed and educational toys that allow the little learners to explore more and use their playtime more creatively. Our teachers assist these tiny tots to modify and experience an out of box learning experience.

Special Education Room

At GD Goenka Sector -9 Rohini we understand the diverse needs of each student and hence we have our special educators who work hard to meet the needs of their students to ensure they grow and learn throughout the school year. The Special Education Room allows our students and parents  a separate and remedial space to work as a team.

spl education room-min

Music Room

Our music room provides excellent acoustics and wide space for the development of our future musicians. Here, students can explore and work with a plethora of music instruments under expert supervision.

Dance Room

Dance studio at our school allows the students to tap their feet onto conventional and unconventional music Here our students are exposed to all forms of dance like jazz, Funk, Classical, Contemporary etc They rehearse under the guidance of our expert teachers.

art room-min

Art Room

The art room of our school gives space to our innovative learners to project their creativity and display their imagination. Art as a diverse form is not only limited to one room here, but we occasionally  witness the colours portraying various stories on the Goenkan window panes.

Concept room

Montessori classrooms are peaceful, happy places designed to meet the developmental needs of the each child in every stage of life. Our Concept room is based on Montessori ideology where students are taught to regulate their social interactions through fun role playing activities and appropriate modelling. The teacher demonstrates the best way to respond to the arguments or new situations, giving the child the ability to act confidently and pro socially when the actual problem arises. The self regulating classroom, in which natural social tensions are resolved mostly by the children themselves.

spl education room-min
Sr.IT Lab-min

IT Lab  

Our school has two Computer Labs well equipped with latest hardware and software configurations. All the computers are connected to a dedicated server through LAN and broadband connection

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