When it comes to engaging oneself to the finesse of language learning, Goenkans dynamically participate in such sessions. Recently, the students of classes VI to VIII participated in the JAM session – a JUST A MINUTE impromptu speech class activity, organized by the department of English, where they were given a topic on the spot to deliver a speech for a minute. The students had a thrilled experience combined with some bouts of excitement as they awaited their turn. Through the activity, they learnt about the importance of fluency, relevance and confidence when it comes to delivering a speech on previously conceived knowledge, utilising the best of their expressions. In all the students also understood the challenge of what is the demand of a spontaneous speech to be overcome with a balanced frame of mind producing sequentially mapped thoughts. It was truly a fulfilling session that gave all the middle schoolers a break through to indulge in an exciting venture. The department of English congratulates all the participants, and we hope to promote the successful conductions of similar events for the best course of actions.

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