‘Math is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithms: it is about understanding’. With an aim to create an interactive and interesting atmosphere pertaining to learning of Mathematics, G.D. Goenka Public School Rohini sector 9  organised ‘Maths Week’ . Students have done clay moulding on flash cards and will be playing a variety of number games. They explained about 2D and 3D shapes.They were also encouraged to solve crossword puzzles and compare quantities using dry flour and many other such interesting activities. Students also presented the life and work of various famous Indian mathematicians, Ramanujan and Aryabhatta to name a few, highlighting their invaluable contribution in the fields of mathematics, astronomy and sciences in the form of powerpoint presentations. The event was successful in intriguing the students about the exciting world of Mathematics.

Geometric shapes are practically everywhere. No matter where you look, almost everything is made up of simpler geometry. Students therefore performed the activity of jewellery designing and Mandala Art using geometrical shapes on the day 2 of maths week.

Our little Goenkas did counting in different way. Children used disposable glasses  and bindis for the same. They saw the numbers written on the glasses and according pasted the bindis. It was an enriching experience for the children. They enjoyed doing counting today in different way.

The students learned about some of the most important mathematicians in history and their major achievments, as well as some very early achievements in mathematics for which individual contributions can not be acknowledged followed by an enriching session upon few tricks of vedic mathematics.

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