Education is one thing no one can take away from you.

Elin Nordegren

G.D. Goenka Public School stands as an emblem of  efforts made in the direction of fostering learning among students. Teachers of the institution polish the learning abilities of the students and promote the benevolent outlook of students towards Nature and all fellow beings.  The hard work and diligence involved leaves no stone unturned to produce efficient and effective learning in a conducive environment. Inculcation of this mission not only enhances the personality but also prepares each student to become an enlightened, responsible, and technologically sound.

 With the correct blend of co-curricular activities and academics good values are fostered through love and compassion. The school aims at continuous commitment and development for the improvement of the child. The mission of the curriculum of the school is to inspire the students to be innovative, creative and confident.  Flexibility in planning and curriculum execution considering the interest of tiny tots gives them an advantage over others under strict conditions and rule based reception of concepts.

G.D. Goenka  preaches and practices:

  • a harmonious life with a balance between experience and learning
  • a vibrant life being,  while staying sensitive to all beings
  • celebrations with music, drama dance, expression
  • explorations with construction, amalgamation and integration of areas of knowledge
  • introspecting to bring out skills, abilities, and strive for improvement.
  • by respecting individuality of each being
  • by practicing non-violence in words and deeds
  • by providing protective environment to each child
  • by promoting the culture of co-operation and collaboration
  • by encouraging protection of environment-plant & animal life
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