The NIGHTINGALE OF INDIA, first woman governor of India, a pioneer of her kind SAROJINI NAIDU was a political activist and a well-known poet. Sarojini Naidu actively participated in India’s freedom movement against the British government. Apart from being an Indian political activist, Sarojini was also an acclaimed poet and has written several heartwarming poems on themes such as romance, patriotism and tragedy. Naidu’s poems were admired by prominent Indian politicians like Gopal Krishna Gokhale among others. Her poetry is widely read by children and others in India. Thus to honour her works, her birth anniversary is celebrated as NATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY in India in reverence to one of the most prominent women leaders of the nation. She has remained an inspiration for women India. This year, we will be celebrating 143rd birth anniversary of ‘Bharat Kokila’.

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