Secondary level

Our aim is to equip the students with knowledge, skills and values which will ensure they are physically healthy, intellectually stimulated, emotionally balanced and spiritually conscious members of the society. The curriculum lays equal emphasis on scholastic as well as ability of learners in the acquisition of essential life-skills, attitudes and values. Interests and achievements of students in outdoor & co-curricular activities such as in sports and games is given utmost importance. The school offers all the streams for providing a wider choice for the students of XI and XII giving them a comfort level in pursuing their dreams ahead Science (Medical and Non-Medical), Commerce and Humanities streams for classes XI and XII.

The school also works to prepare confident young adults by providing our senior students a wide variety of opportunities beyond music, dance, debating and sports. These include Career Fairs, guidance on Study Abroad, meaningful character education, lectures by eminent experts on topics of current relevance, and unparalleled global exposure through our international events, to prepare mindsets to face the challenges of the modern world.

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