World Environment Day is observed by around 143 countries across the globe on 5th June every year. It was instituted by the United Nations with an objective to minimize human interference with the environment. Since 1974, World Environment Day is celebrated every year with a specific environmental theme. The day also reminds us of various measures and steps to be taken to protect our environment. Everyone of us knows that Global Warming is the main cause that is impacting our environment. Thus, it’s our duty to save and protect the environment. Also, we should stop all types of exploitation activities that are destroying the environment. The idea behind the World Environment Day is to create a beautiful world which is free of pollution and scarcity of natural resources. Banning plastic, planting more trees and plants, saving water, recycling, saving wildlife and animals are some of the steps which lead to a better environment. On this note GD Goenka Public School, Sector -9 Rohini proudly celebrates World Environment Day.


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